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Privacy Policy

(1) You need to make a $20 deposit to make an appointment which is non refundable if the appointment is canceled less than 24 hours.
(2) cancelling of appointments must not be online, call 443-985-6154 for cancellation or any changes.
(3) Any hair making that will be up to 5 hours, the braiding staff has a 15 minutes break within the time
(4) If your hair style spoilt within 5 days then you will come back for the hair style to be refixed but anything after 5 days, you will pay for charge.
(5) You are free to choose who to make your hair
(6) It’s a first come first serve
(7) Those for booked appointment will be served first before any walking in customer
(8) You don’t yell at the person making your hair
(9) Good hairstyle takes time so you can not rush or pressurize the person making your hair
(10) VIP are those who comes to make hair every two months that is about six times within the calendar year, they are entitled to get a free hairstyle of their choice on the sixth visit after the 5 times within the same calendar year. But the VIP will provide the hair
(11) Once you have qualified as a VIP member, you are also entitled to 10% on any hairstyle of your choice from the second year
(12) You also have an option of becoming a VIP member by registering with $100 non refundable.
(13) Family of two are entitled to 10 % discount whenever they come to make hair
(14) Family of three are entitled to 20% discount whenever they come to make hair
(15) A referral of a new customer is entitled to a one time 10% discount when she comes to make hair next.
(16) The customer with a child or children is responsible to take care of them.
(17) You are not allowed to occupy the braiding seat until you are told to do so
(18) Quarrel or abusive words among customers or to workers is not allowed

Helping You Achieve a New Look

Changing your hairstyle is easy when you turn to the right stylist. That's where justy hair braiding comes in. She has the skills to braid your tresses beautifully. No matter if you want an elegant or everyday style, She can help you achieve any look.

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