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after care

Tips for Maintaining Your Style

At Justy Hair Braiding, Justy not only enjoys helping clients achieve their desired look, but also maintaining it. For this reason, she is happy to share hair maintenance tips that you can use after getting your braids done. She recommends:
• Avoiding Washing or Getting Your Braids Wet after Your Appointment
• Wrapping Your Braids When Sleeping to Extend Their Life
• Using Anti-Itch Sprays to Soothe Skin Irritations
• Using Hair Moisturizing Products to Keep Your Braids and Scalp Hydrated

After you select a style, she'll get right to work. You don't have to worry about providing your own hair, as high-quality synthetic hair will be provided, if needed. Typically, she can complete your braiding session within 2 hours. However, the time length may vary depending on the style and length.

Helping You Achieve a New Look

Changing your hairstyle is easy when you turn to the right stylist. That's where justy hair braiding comes in. She has the skills to braid your tresses beautifully. No matter if you want an elegant or everyday style, She can help you achieve any look.

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